Dry Poached Chicken

    Prep Ahead: Dry Poached Chicken

    Dry Poached Chicken

    This summer has been so busy, I’ve been all about fast, low-maintenance meals with fresh produce and, my new favorite, dry poached chicken. I rarely cook red meat at home and eat tons of veggies during the week, but I try to incorporate a lean protein in the rotation alongside my weight training schedule.

    I wrote off baked chicken breasts as tough and dry before I found this method. The first time I used this recipe the results were so juicy I had to grab my thermometer again to be sure it wasn’t undercooked. Now I love adding this to meal prep and saving pieces for salads and stir fries throughout the week because the texture holds up so well!

    Strawberry Chicken Salad 1

    I know they say no good story starts with a salad, but this isn’t a sad iceberg lettuce situation and the greens are totally covered in fresh produce, nuts, chia seeds, and goat cheese! I made this when local strawberries were still in season, but I love adding cashews, avocado, and quinoa to most of these lunches.

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