June 20: What’s in the CSA Box?

    Our June 20 CSA box from Groundswell Community Farm

    I’m so over sad produce from the grocery store: wilted, soggy herbs that were crushed in boxes, yellow spotted cruciferous vegetables, and bruised fruit. This is usually the time of year that I’m anticipating some homegrown yummies from our garden, but we didn’t fill our containers this season due to our busy schedules. Still, it is important to me to eat fresh, in-season produce as much as possible.

    We’re fortunate to have the beautiful Fulton St. Farmers Market in Grand Rapids and I’ve been incorporating Saturday trips into my #grocerycrawl routine. In addition to staple produce I like trying new items (hello garlic sourdough) and experimenting with new-to-me veggies.

    As much as I love wandering the stalls I’ve always wanted to try a CSA box to streamline our trips, eat in season, and (best of all) support a local farm. I realized I was spending between $20 and $30 on produce each market trip, which is the same cost of a weekly CSA. Last Wednesday (the first day of summer!) I picked up our first box from Groundswell Community Farm at the market. We were a couple of weeks late, but we were still able to sign up midseason.

    What’s in the Box Series

    What's in the box?
    I love food (duh) and I miss sketching. Over the course of our summer CSA I’ll be sharing what was in our box each week and how we eat our way through it. I hate wasting produce and I like a challenge, so this will hold me accountable and let me flex my drawing muscles.

    If you’re curious about trying a CSA, but not sure what to expect or why you should eat things like beet greens, follow along!

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