Fat Baby

Fat Baby

I’ve yet to have a pet all my own, but I do share an apartment a third fluffy roommate named Simba. Dogs will always warm my heart most, but I admit Simba is 22 pounds of adorable fluff. Aside from leaving his hairballs around the house and his incessant meowing for food (he’s a greedy fat baby), he works enough to earn his keep. He scared off mice come fall (two of which he thought to leave as gifts), and he is very cooperative with big hugs and cuddles.

For Christmas, I drew the Fat Baby for Diana. It keeps watch for mice and wandering food crumbs while Simba takes his obligatory eight hour naps. Next up: a large portrait of Stanley to accompany the drawing of Rupert that looks over my bedroom.


Sleepy Kitty

Fat Kitty

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  • Rachelle Garcia

    holy cat and i thought my cats from before were fat!