Sketches 1/27

January Sketches 01

I’ve resolved to draw more and step away from technology this year, and what better way than unwinding with a cup of tea and sketchbook in hand?! I have a stack of neglected art supplies waiting for some attention on my bookshelf. When I had art studio and independent study in high school, drawing or painting was an excellent stress release for me. Through most of university my doodles were confined to the margins of my notebooks (which were otherwise filled with tidy notes, since I was a diligent student x_x ) and my supplies gathered dust. It feels good to be free of studying and exam cramming to revive an old hobby close to my heart.

January Sketches 02

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  • In_the_fogg

    your pictures dont look as asian as you. just saying…

  • Liz Fogg

    p.s. who DOESNT love hot dawgz?

  • I always love your sketches! Wonderful work.

  • Very nice drawings!

  • i love your sketches, Diane! you’re very talented. :) draw me, draw me! :D

    boat ride through the sky

  • those short hair illustrations make me want short hair! and i love how these girls all kind of look like you!