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Brow Routine

It took me a long time to accept that eyebrows are sisters, not twins. I inherited sparse brows from my mom, and I remember the first time I attempted to fill them in with her black eyeliner (disaster) in middle school.

By university I finally found a natural approach with brow powder, and I’ve been using the same Smashbox Brow Tech (in Dark Brown) and tweezing ever since. I was terrified of having a professional wax for fear of leaving with what I call “sperm eyebrows.” (Otherwise known as tadpole brows…cringe!)

Recently, I heard of a technique called HD Brows offered at a new brow and lash bar called Siren and Proper. After seeing some great results I decided to take the plunge determined to even out my stubborn, scraggly right brow.

Here were my brows au naturale, wearing some stray BB cream. Not too bad, but they got lost if I wore any eye makeup.

This is what I ended up with after Christina Lynn worked her HD Brow magic (natural and filled in)
HD Brows Before and AFter

What are HD Brows?

This wasn’t just a wax and go! With this technique brows are tinted, waxed, and threaded. Your treatment is totally customized to fit and flatter your face shape. Christina gave me “homework” to grow out certain areas, so away with the tweezers for maintenance I can handle. The entire HD Brow mapping appointment took about an hour and I really appreciated her attention to detail in creating a natural shape.

My Brow Routine

At night, I am applying a drop of Latisse Eyelash Enhancement to my brows to encourage growth in the bald spots. It really works well, but patience is key. For longer, thicker eyelashes I used it for about 8-10 weeks before I noticed a difference. You can purchase it here.

Brows are usually my last step, but on this day I just wore mascara and some sunscreen.
Bare Brows
First, I comb through my naked brows to coax the hairs into place.
Brow Routine
I use an angled brush and the dark brown from the Smashbox Brow Tech along the bottom of my brows. The lighter shade I apply in short strokes along the top and the front of the brow. If you go too dark on top the line can look severe and obvious. Finish with the brow wax on the same brush to set.
Brow Routine
I’ve tried plenty of different powders, pencils, and waxes over the years, but I always come back to this Smashbox powder.
Brow Routine
My skin is combination/oily and quite sensitive, and this formula seems to stand up throughout the day, even in the heat!
Brow Routine

Now you’ve seen gratuitous photos of my eyebrows and routine…If you need a tweak, try HD Brows and lay off the tweezers!

What are some of your favorite brow products?

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  • kadehydrated

    I love this! I love reading eyebrow magic! I’ve been trying to grow mine out so I can get them shaped more to my liking… I’ll have to look for a place like that near me!

    • dietea

      Thanks! You absolutely should. I believe estheticians have to travel to London to train for this special technique. What I love about this (beyond your normal brow wax/shaping) is they map out a shape for you. I need to grow out the top of my right, and underneath my left arch. I’ll feel more comfortable with naked brows now!