Beach Dogs

beach dogs
Doggles are a thing.
We are a big 30 minutes from the lakeshore and, somehow, I only make it out there once each summer. I think it has something to do with an aversion to sunbathing to preserve my vampire skin. Last month we packed up our pups and spent Fourth of July camping on the beach in West Olive, Michigan.

Doug and Huey don’t fare well in high heat and they weren’t keen on swimming, so I worried how they would do for the weekend. After a few reluctant dips in the water they were content to hang out under umbrellas poaching fallen sandy Doritos. Doug loves following Neil everywhere and, to my surprise, he waded out on his own to see him by sunset.

Beach Dogs
sam and toby
We knew this would be our pups’ first time experiencing fireworks so we kept them close on their leashes and in our laps. Fourth of July = “boom boom nightmare day” for many dogs. We camped in tents near the shore and the next day the dogs were so exhausted from all of the excitement that they lazed around all afternoon.

I feel so guilty every time we leave the dogs home on weekend evenings, I’m glad they were able to come along. I’ve been trying to vary our normal walk routine by taking them downtown to busier streets. This past weekend we took them to movie in the park so they can adjust to crowds and random passersby. It was a little stressful, but I’m hopeful they’ll adjust to excitement in time.

jenny and reggie
West Olive

  • Where do you take your pups for an adventure?
  • Any tips for traveling with fur babies?
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