July 19: What’s in the CSA Box?

July 19 CSA Box

This week was heavy on the cucumbers and summer squash, lighter on greens. I welcome buckets of squash, especially with our Inspiralizer working overtime, but I’m going to need more ideas for using up the cukes. We didn’t get anything new-to-us this week except for some cutie purple sweet peppers.


When we pick up our weekly share there is a “Free / Extra” bin at the end of the lineup where you can leave unwanted items for another family. If there’s extra squash or broccoli I’ll usually grab a few more as those are major staples this summer!


As much as I love cucumbers I don’t mind leaving a couple behind.


Read on to see what was in the CSA box this week!


July 19 CSA Box

breakfast salad

Breakfast mood: chicken apple sausages and runny eggs with a mustard dressing. A glass of warm lemon water, and an almond matcha latte with adaptogens!

Salad Greens: Lots of breakfast salads on repeat lately like the above with runny yolks.

Basil and Parsley bunches: The basil wasn’t enough for a full batch of pesto, so I added it to various dishes including a blueberry and peach fruit salad. We used the parsley on roasted chicken breasts.

Here is my favorite way to cook boneless skinless chicken breasts.

peach blueberry basil salad

Peach blueberry basil salad!

Garlic: Fresh out of the ground! We can never have too much and I don’t dare buy the pre-peeled, minced garlic.

Onion: I should have saved the top for stock!

Lettuce: I can’t get away from the purple and green variety. They feel sturdier than the green heads.

Summer Squash: FIVE of these and I used all of them. They became zoodles for “spaghetti” AND I froze them for smoothies.

zoodle spaghetti

Zoodle spaghetti with with fresh basil and grassfed beef from Two Sparrows Farm

Broccoli: A weekly staple! I’ve also been roasting the stems when we grab a full head.

Sweet Peppers: 2 small purple pepps came home with us this week.

Carrots with greens: I left the greens behind in a bin at our CSA pickup, but you could totally juice them.

Loose Beets: I was a little bummed there weren’t any good beet greens available, but I was happy to snag a variety of colorful beets, including the pretty white and pink spiral!

Cucumbers: So. many. cukes! We’ve had so many and I can only eat pickles so much, so we shared some of our bunch with Neil’s parents.

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