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    Mayo Free Loaded Potato Salad

    Mayo Free Loaded Potato Salad: This gluten free, dairy free side is perfect for a summer barbecue!

    Tis the season for grilling and dining al fresco, but that doesn’t mean you have to bring mayo salad (side of potatoes) to cook outs this summer! I know mayo heavy cold salads are a deli counter staple, but that mayo is made with gross vegetable oil and sweetened with corn syrup. Beyond that, the ingredient label is (always) a long list of questionable ingredients that don’t belong on our plates or in our bodies. It is mean muggy outside and mayo based salads are one of the first things to become questionable at parties.


    Enter: mayo-free loaded potato salad (with bacon, because why tf not).


    A few weeks ago I had a happy accident of making a tasty mayo-free potato salad and I’ve finally honed in on a written recipe worth sharing!


    Don’t get me wrong, I love some mayo (maybe not this much) – but I’d rather reach for homemade or one made with avocado oil (NO vegetable oil + avocado blends…straight up avocado oil) like the Chosen Foods brand at Costco or Primal Kitchen Mayo.


    Side note: Friendly reminder that while mayo is creamy, it is NOT dairy!


    So this potato salad is dairy free, gluten free (duh), soy free if that’s your jam.


    Read on for the recipe!

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