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Remembering Fitzgerald

Chelsea and Fitz

Our pets are a part of our families – we affectionately call them “fur babies” for a reason. They make us laugh, turn bad days right around, and love unconditionally. When our good friends Chelsea and Spencer unexpectedly lost their pup Fitzgerald this fall, we were floored. He was a sweet puff ball and one of Doug and Huey’s spunkiest companions.

This Christmas I wanted to give the Whitesides something to capture Fitz as the happy, handsome little guy that we remember. We surprised them over dinner a couple of weeks ago, and now he’s sitting pretty by their fireplace and playing on the rainbow bridge.

Fitzgerald Reveal

In Progress

I loved loosely sketching the little guy. I was feeling a bit reluctant to bust out the ink and Prismacolor pencils, but his hair was plenty fun to color!


How do you remember pets who have passed?

Mike + Aja

Aja Commission

So many awesome people [friends, family, Beyonce] have birthdays this month! My friend Aja asked me to illustrate her fur family for her manfriend Michael as a birthday surprise. I had so much fun with this piece! They have two of the most adorable fluffy cats named Nuggets and Oscar that are impossibly laid back. Nuggets and Mike are best friends, despite the mean mugging shown here. Oscar is a sweet rescue kitty with a “chicken wing” foot. I was sure to include his goggles post eye surgery.

I’m quite happy with how this turned out, and even happier that it was well received and ready to hang in their home! Happy Birthday, Mike!

WIP Aja Commission
Ready to transfer the rough sketch!

WIP Aja Commission
Netflix and line work time! I’ve been on a documentary kick the last couple of weeks.

Aja Commission


Sketch WIP

I was going through my desk today and with an open Sunday afternoon decided to make use of some neglected art supplies. I don’t think I’ve used my watercolors in five or six years! My senior year of high school I spent nearly all of my studio time painting, but at university I sketched sporadically or reached for my Prismacolor markers instead. Sometimes I would sketch something with intentions of painting and ended up worrying too much about ruining the drawing! So silly. It’s time I stop getting hung up on how things turn out and just practice!

Lots of Sketching
I made quite a mess. My desk is filled with jewelry I need to put away, new stationary, warm-up sketches, and a pile of unsorted magazine clippings.

Watercoloring WIP
Same desk, different mess. I still have a ways to go, but I’m happy I haven’t totally forgotten how to use my brushes!