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2 Years

Hello Handsome
Back Cover

Can you tell I love to make handmade cards? Last year for our first anniversary I drew a comic booklet with the tale of how Neil and I met and finally became a couple (after years of mutual crushing). We both like exchanging cards (a crafty manfriend? I die…) particularly because we think it’s so cheesy when couples give store-bought cards for special occasions!

This year I had fun with watercolor peonies, trying my hand at doing some different lettering, and printing a timeline of favorite moments from the past year. I was very happy with how the Instagram prints turned out that I ordered from Persnickety Prints. The paper was a matte heavier weight, and the colors turned out nicely! Definitely will need to print more to hang above my desk.

Watercolor Flowers
Beneath the cover I watercolored some peonies. I was going to ink on top of the flowers, but I decided they should be left alone.

Watercolor Flowers







Sketch WIP

I was going through my desk today and with an open Sunday afternoon decided to make use of some neglected art supplies. I don’t think I’ve used my watercolors in five or six years! My senior year of high school I spent nearly all of my studio time painting, but at university I sketched sporadically or reached for my Prismacolor markers instead. Sometimes I would sketch something with intentions of painting and ended up worrying too much about ruining the drawing! So silly. It’s time I stop getting hung up on how things turn out and just practice!

Lots of Sketching
I made quite a mess. My desk is filled with jewelry I need to put away, new stationary, warm-up sketches, and a pile of unsorted magazine clippings.

Watercoloring WIP
Same desk, different mess. I still have a ways to go, but I’m happy I haven’t totally forgotten how to use my brushes!

You’re Pawsitively Awesome

Bedtime Sketching

I never got around to sharing this, but here is yet another handmade card I made last month for my mom. She is a proud pug grandma, so Doug made a cameo appearance on her Mother’s Day card. The inside reads “You’re pawsitively awesome!”

Finished Mother's Day Card

Time for drawing has been scarce (I need to make some!) so I initially sketched this sitting in bed with our new quilt. I always have a time deciding if I should ink my sketches, but I’m happy with how this turned out!