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Gray Malin Photography

Gray Malin Photography
Manly Beach Swimmers by Gray Malin

I am guilty of accumulating photos and prints that sit around waiting to be framed. In college, there were strict guidelines for frames on our walls, but after graduating laziness and aversion to custom framing were to blame! I’m ready to bring life and personality to our walls, starting with this print I purchased by photographer Gray Malin.

I love that his work tells a story from above always in punchy, bold, and very saturated hues. For his “À la Plage, À la Piscine” series, Malin captured stunning beaches and colorful beach goers in 6 continents and 16 helicopters.

Bondi Beach: Sydney, Australia

Initially I gravitated toward  “La Dolce Vita” series that transports me back to my time living in Rome and traveling the Amalfi Coast for my birthday weekend. The vibrant yellows of Positano remind me of laying on that rocky beach in a sea of yellow and white umbrellas.

Gray Malin Positano Town

Gray Malin Umbrellas

Ultimately I decided on the first print taken at Manly Beach in Sydney, Australia because it takes me somewhere new. Plus, that teal is my jam!

One King’s Lane had a print sale over the weekend and there are just a few left through tomorrow, May 21. Be sure to check it out! The prints arrive unframed, but with a hefty discount the oversized prints would bring heat to any home (especially in the Mitten State)!

See more of Gray’s stylish home here
Gray Malin Interior 2
Gray Malin Interior

Color Pick & Summer (So Far)

Color Pick 2

My baby orchid is in full bloom on my desk! For the first time I have the space and adequate daylight in my living room to let things bloom! I’m also really enjoying eating in season, and it just so happens that my favorite produce appears in summer.

The farmers market I love is huge! I try to head over before work as it’s difficult to navigate on Saturdays when families with strollers swarm in by 10a.m. I fill bags with my favorites – tomatoes (that I can eat until my mouth is sore), berries, squash and peaches. Yummmm! With the sweltering heat we’ve had in West Michigan this summer I’ve been reaching for easy meals that let me leave the stove for cooler nights. Besides, I don’t mind an excuse to eat buckets of fruits and cold salads!

Lovely marigolds!

Baby Basil Berries
(a) My baby basil before it was set outside and chewed on by Japanese beetles! It has since bounced back after some TLC and beetle smashing. (b) Berries for days!


Grand Haven Butter
(a) Walking in Grand Haven, the only time I think I’ve been to the beach so far this summer! (b) Anyone who knows me knows how much I love waffles. This is a Belgian waffle from Westsider Cafe, one of our favorite breakfast spots!

Summer! Props
Glasses! Mine are props from a photo shoot, his were a gift from me (from J.Crew).

Color Picks: Almost Primary

Color Pick 01

I love the saturated colors and prints in these shots of Mia Wasikowska for Miu Miu! I barely recognized the Alice in Wonderland star, but I like how much brighter these are than those of Hailee Steinfeld crying on train tracks.