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Sunday Funday

souce: Tumblr

source: Tumblr

I love when Sundays begin slowly, creeping through our drapes just after 7a.m. so that I reach for my silk eye mask and wait for the sound of the dogs at the bedroom door to start the day. Today, I read in the living room and sipped on my tea and a smoothie to hold me over until brunch (or “devil’s meal” as my best friend calls it) with friends at Cygnus 27.

Cygnus 27
Cygnus 27
Neil and I love a leisurely weekend breakfast. Anna’s House, the Westsider Cafe and San Chez are among our most frequented spots. For exceptionally beautiful spring beginnings like today, Cygnus 27 Sunday brunch was great.  (Also here).

Tyler & Emily
Spencer & Chelsea

Wednesday night (half off signature martinis) happy hour there is also wonderful, but the several dinners we had there weren’t so great. Brunch is what really shines, especially with the city in full sunlight and tables of pastries.

Cygnus 27
Best Coffee

Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Bailey’s in your coffee…such a perfect start to the afternoon. All of the small plates are included, there’s an omelette or sushi bar, bruschetta, and always a massive table of desserts to satisfy my sweet teeth! My favorite is the coffee crème brûlée. In fact, my usual Sunday ritual of baking all afternoon is sitting out in favor of food coma and Kindle time.

After Brunch
I never thought I’d have shoe envy for a boyfriend’s shoes. Neil’s new Cole Haan suede shoes from A.K. Rikks are crispy!
Cole Haan

Have a great week!

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch

One of our favorite weekend indulgences is Sunday Brunch. I love heaping bowls of steel cut oatmeal and pancakes or attempting carbicide with a box of donuts in front of Netflix. If we’re lazy, we have a go-to cafe for fast, tasty breakfast…but for special occasions Sunday Brunch at Cygnus 27 is a real treat. For about $35 a plate you can sip bottomless bellinis or mimosas with small plates and enjoy the omelette or crepe bar and fill more plates with other treats. Sweats aren’t allowed, but elastic waists and clothing that can accommodate food babies are a must. Brunch season begins in September and ends after Mother’s Day. If you live in West Michigan throw on your Sunday best and check it out!

Cygnus Brunch
All small plates are included with your meal. I’m tempted to order a few of everything! On Easter, this ham and truffle au gratin potatoes were amazing!

Cygnus Brunch Cygnus 27
(a) I’ll take four crème brûlée cups, please! (b) The lighting at night is magical! This was my phone background for nearly a year.

Cygnus 27 is on the 27th floor of the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, and a short walk from my office. When my parents visited recently I had a chance to see the old wing, originally called The Pantlind Hotel.

Since opening in 1913, the hotel has added a new tower and holds 682 rooms. Though it has seen many renovations, the beauty of the Pantlind is well preserved. I love seeing the beautiful chandeliers and Ambassador Ballroom on my way to work!


Color Pick & Summer (So Far)

Color Pick 2

My baby orchid is in full bloom on my desk! For the first time I have the space and adequate daylight in my living room to let things bloom! I’m also really enjoying eating in season, and it just so happens that my favorite produce appears in summer.

The farmers market I love is huge! I try to head over before work as it’s difficult to navigate on Saturdays when families with strollers swarm in by 10a.m. I fill bags with my favorites – tomatoes (that I can eat until my mouth is sore), berries, squash and peaches. Yummmm! With the sweltering heat we’ve had in West Michigan this summer I’ve been reaching for easy meals that let me leave the stove for cooler nights. Besides, I don’t mind an excuse to eat buckets of fruits and cold salads!

Lovely marigolds!

Baby Basil Berries
(a) My baby basil before it was set outside and chewed on by Japanese beetles! It has since bounced back after some TLC and beetle smashing. (b) Berries for days!


Grand Haven Butter
(a) Walking in Grand Haven, the only time I think I’ve been to the beach so far this summer! (b) Anyone who knows me knows how much I love waffles. This is a Belgian waffle from Westsider Cafe, one of our favorite breakfast spots!

Summer! Props
Glasses! Mine are props from a photo shoot, his were a gift from me (from J.Crew).