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    Chicago Weekend


    This past weekend was filled with great eats and awesome music with my best manfriend. Neil and I took an early train Saturday and arrived in time to split mouthwatering Italian pizza and run back to our hotel in the pouring rain – an exhilarating (and hilarious) four blocks that I won’t soon forget.

    When I travel I am always anxious to try great local food. I usually return home with my suitcase about as full as it was when I left and my stomach stuffed and satisfied! This trip was no exception, though we did make a great afternoon out of shopping on the Magnificent Mile.

    The draw for this trip (above food!) was seeing Justice at Lollapalooza. After Florence and the Machine’s set we crushed to the front of the stage with thousands of strangers for an amazing show I’ve been anticipating for a long time!

    Our Hotel
    We loved our boutique hotel, I’m glad I found one outside of the festival chaos.

    Flower La Madia
    (1) A pretty flower he gave me with my donut before our train ride (2) Our first dessert we shared in Chicago

    Neil Tall Glass

    After the rain cleared, the sun peeked between buildings on our way to dinner.

    We hid from the sun next to a very tall man!

    Purple Pig in Chicago
    Monday we noshed on all the pork and turkey we could handle at Purple Pig – it came highly recommended from friends and did not disappoint.

    Purple Pig
    Yummy berry crostata with basil for dessert!

    And on that delicious note:

    Justice started their set with this classic.

    A (newer) favorite.

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