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So it’s been quite a hiatus. I needed to unplug to make way for many good things and I felt dispassionate (again) about this site which I initially launched after college to house my resume and portfolio. Ten years ago I actively updated my LiveJournal (ha!) with artwork, travel, and fashion. Today I’m not sure I can keep up as regularly. Also, let’s be honest – I spend more money on food than clothes and I wear the same (mostly neutral) pieces on heavy rotation. Thrilling.

I am in awe of people who produce regular content, maintain a healthy lifestyle and a social life all while working a full time job. How do they do it? I am active on Instagram, but I struggle with what I want to share here.

In my absence I left my job to start one I am really enjoying and my work/life balance has dramatically improved. It was a huge change, but it was time. I was feeling burned out creatively and the thought of spending another hour on the computer after work or forcing myself to draw when I was lacking inspiration was draining. I also wanted to give myself time to acclimate to a new environment and responsibilities. There have been other positive changes:

I’ve started waking up before 6a.m. which is sometimes still a struggle for this night owl. Yoga has become a part of my routine again and has been a welcome start between weight training (have to stretch those hammies)! I have carved out more time with my favorite people and met some wonderful, positive new friends.

I’d like to overhaul this site (what is going on with that header?) in time. Going forward I will post things I really love – mostly kitchen creations, more art, some lifestyle. I often find myself emailing coworkers, friends, and family recipes and I figure I may as well share them here as well.

Have a wonderful week! xx

Graydons Crossing

Brown Butter Blondies

Brown Butter Blondies

Now that Time magazine says butter isn’t the villain it once was, why not indulge in a few sticks of rich, nutty brown butter and a few cups of sugar? I’m sort of kidding, a healthy lifestyle is all about balance, right? It was Super Bowl Sunday and we were pretty much snowed in, so I had no choice but to make these buttery babies.

I don’t even like nuts in dessert, but toasted walnuts and pecans really gave these bars a nice texture. I’m sure these are best eaten warm with ice cream, but by the handful standing in front of your oven will do too.

Brown Butter Blondies and Espresso
Served with espresso and homemade Vanilla Bourbon sugar from Bridget.

Things didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped when the first batch of brown butter was disappointingly light. A quick online search set me straight – be sure to watch closely and pull it off the heat and into a heat-safe bowl as soon as you see an amber color and dark milk solids at the bottom of the pan.

Brown Butter Blondies
Most of these were given away to family and my coworkers because leaving them in our kitchen is a safety errr waistline hazard.

Bon Appetit Brown Butter Blondies

Loved the February issue! I also made the cover quiche.

Click through for the full recipe!
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Remembering Fitzgerald

Chelsea and Fitz

Our pets are a part of our families – we affectionately call them “fur babies” for a reason. They make us laugh, turn bad days right around, and love unconditionally. When our good friends Chelsea and Spencer unexpectedly lost their pup Fitzgerald this fall, we were floored. He was a sweet puff ball and one of Doug and Huey’s spunkiest companions.

This Christmas I wanted to give the Whitesides something to capture Fitz as the happy, handsome little guy that we remember. We surprised them over dinner a couple of weeks ago, and now he’s sitting pretty by their fireplace and playing on the rainbow bridge.

Fitzgerald Reveal

In Progress

I loved loosely sketching the little guy. I was feeling a bit reluctant to bust out the ink and Prismacolor pencils, but his hair was plenty fun to color!


How do you remember pets who have passed?