Bow Wow Ties

Fancy Doug

Doug’s evening wear has already made an appearance on my Instagram when he was just a baby sitting pretty during dinner, but he has grown into it quite nicely. Most of the time he wears a harness that I fondly call his “pug handle” that’s perfect for tossing him into the car or pulling him into my arms against his will.

But if he’s not running amok in the house au natural, Doug cleans up well with his shrinking collar (will he just stay small, please?) and bow tie that slides onto the band. Before I brought him home I had in mind a sophisticated pug and thought a puppy bow tie would be perfect. Sure enough, a quick Etsy search yielded hundreds of results.

I found Little Blue Feathers – a shop full of bow ties for kids and animals, modeled by a handsome boston terrier! Hannah has a lot of colorful patterns to choose from and when I was looking for a festive Valentine’s Day print the red with white hearts was perfect. She even made Doug’s smaller than her regular sizes to accommodate his puppy neck! Check out her shop if you have a pup you’d like to dress up!

Fancy Doug

Fancy Doug

Fancy Doug


Sketch WIP

I was going through my desk today and with an open Sunday afternoon decided to make use of some neglected art supplies. I don’t think I’ve used my watercolors in five or six years! My senior year of high school I spent nearly all of my studio time painting, but at university I sketched sporadically or reached for my Prismacolor markers instead. Sometimes I would sketch something with intentions of painting and ended up worrying too much about ruining the drawing! So silly. It’s time I stop getting hung up on how things turn out and just practice!

Lots of Sketching
I made quite a mess. My desk is filled with jewelry I need to put away, new stationary, warm-up sketches, and a pile of unsorted magazine clippings.

Watercoloring WIP
Same desk, different mess. I still have a ways to go, but I’m happy I haven’t totally forgotten how to use my brushes!

You’re Pawsitively Awesome

Bedtime Sketching

I never got around to sharing this, but here is yet another handmade card I made last month for my mom. She is a proud pug grandma, so Doug made a cameo appearance on her Mother’s Day card. The inside reads “You’re pawsitively awesome!”

Finished Mother's Day Card

Time for drawing has been scarce (I need to make some!) so I initially sketched this sitting in bed with our new quilt. I always have a time deciding if I should ink my sketches, but I’m happy with how this turned out!