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    Diane & Diana Do Easter Brunch

    Easter Brunch
    Easter Brunch

    This is the third time I’ve posted food from Rose’s. I swear I’ve been to plenty of other wonderful restaurants! Diana had yet to experience brunch there and all else seemed closed Easter morning, so we sat down for a late brunch. We even saw a cute little bunny fussing around in the grass outside our window!
    For Lent, Diana decided to go vegan. A life without butter, cheese, ice cream, steak and bacon would be an absolute nightmare for me. I know there are great vegan recipes out there, although I could never adapt to it as a lifestyle. I applaud Diana’s perseverance, but I was excited to accompany her for her first tasty, meat and dairy filled meal:
    They can’t serve alcohol before noon on Sundays here. The last couple of times I visited I was disappointed I couldn’t enjoy a mimosa with breakfast. Thankfully sloth paid off this afternoon when we dragged ourselves out for brunch at 1p.m.
    To omnivores! 
    I’m not sure how she isn’t drooling after 40 days of torture.
    Grilled Cheese?
    My “grilled cheese” was pretty tasty. Pancetta, mixed greens, sharp white cheddar &tomatoes were stuffed inside and served with root chips and pasta salad. I wasn’t crazy about the bread, but pancetta can do no wrong.