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    Portlandia: Part II

    Pittock Mansion

    On our last day in Portland, we started our morning with homemade crepes and cappuccinos from our awesome hosts. Our feet were sore, but we set out for breakfast, tea from Nuvrei Cafe (again!) and a rainy cab ride to Pittock Mansion. It’s an amazing home, built in 1918 by Henry Pittock, owner of the Oregonian newspaper. Set high above the city, the estate seemed like the perfect scene for a Halloween movie. We heard on a clear day, you can see all of downtown and mountains in the distance.

    I can only imagine how stunning the gardens look in full bloom.

    More Portland!
    Here’s our view waiting to finish our tea before the guided tour. There were a few benches that would make perfect picnic spots!

    Hello, Portland!


    Sleeping Porch
    Mr. Pittock had a “sleeping porch” adjacent to his bedroom where slept in the open air during summer. His original bed was quite modest, and it was believed that sleeping porches did wonders for your health. If it weren’t for panic attacks at the sight of most insects, I’d have one myself.

    Much of the furniture in the home did not belong to the Pittock family, but the donations were fitting. This card table was in the library, surrounded by dark wood everything.

    Music Room
    The music room looking into the backyard was my favorite!


    Music Room

    Plastic Food
    The kitchen wouldn’t be complete without plastic milk!

    Dining in Pittock

    Pittock Mansion
    If you’re looking to wander beautiful grounds and a stunning home rich with history, check it out!

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