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    Sketch WIP

    I was going through my desk today and with an open Sunday afternoon decided to make use of some neglected art supplies. I don’t think I’ve used my watercolors in five or six years! My senior year of high school I spent nearly all of my studio time painting, but at university I sketched sporadically or reached for my Prismacolor markers instead. Sometimes I would sketch something with intentions of painting and ended up worrying too much about ruining the drawing! So silly. It’s time I stop getting hung up on how things turn out and just practice!

    Lots of Sketching
    I made quite a mess. My desk is filled with jewelry I need to put away, new stationary, warm-up sketches, and a pile of unsorted magazine clippings.

    Watercoloring WIP
    Same desk, different mess. I still have a ways to go, but I’m happy I haven’t totally forgotten how to use my brushes!

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